Let’s Talk About: Attitude

– IT all starts with your attitude. How you think about a particular idea or situation determines the outcomes associated with that idea or situation. If one were to look at personal development with a poor attitude or a lazy attitude how would it ever work for them? So let’s talk about attitude and how we can shape it and use it for our advantage in all areas of our life.

Attitude for Relationships:

Attitude in relationships has probably the biggest impact on a relationship than any other factor. Whether the attitude by either individual is positive or negative it shows in the fruit of that relationship. There are many rewards to a relationship that produces good fruit and there are many detrimental effects from a relationship that produces unhealthy fruit.

What is your attitude towards people in general? Would you say you love people or are you the guy or gal wearing the shirt “Dogs – cause people F****** suck.” I don’t care who you are, we all have to deal with people and the fruit of our relationships affects us tangibly and intangibly. I’m going to make a suggestion to all my readers: force yourself to have a better attitude towards people in general. Do this and your positive attitude towards people will become habitual and you will reap the rewards.

So what are the rewards? Having a positive attitude in your relationships will produce good fruit and that fruit will benefit you in many areas. First off you’ll earn the respect of others and your peers. Why should that matter? People will find you likable, they will want to be around you, they will want to work with you, and they will bring you opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have brought to you. Secondly, you’ll develop trust with other people. You’ll have people you can count on. People you can go to for help. Yes, they’ll occasionally come to you for your help, but that will only improve your sense of self-worth and meaning in this life, won’t it? It makes you feel trusted, wanted, respected and I would say feeling those things are pretty important.

Attitude for Happiness:

“Learn how to be happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want.” – Jim Rohn

We’ve heard it over and over again, ‘Happiness is not a destination, it is a choice that you can make right now.’ How can you actually be happy at this point in your life when you don’t actually have what you want yet? Yes, it does start with a choice – a choice that can be made as fast as a snap of the fingers. For most people however, that doesn’t work very well for them. Well I’ll give you another perspective on the choice of happiness that may work for you.

Let’s say you’re working towards something, or maybe you’re not and you tell yourself you would be happy if you had that kind of marriage or that house or bank account. I believe choosing to be happy right now works because you’ve decided that you are going to work towards the things you want that you think will make you happy. And what will actually make you happy is knowing that you are taking action to make those things you want come to fruition. You will fall in love with the process and that itself will make you feel at peace and happy. This is why personal development is so important. Change for the better – a process for the better breads fulfillment and happiness. Choose to develop yourself today, set goals, and choosing happiness right now will not be so hard.

Attitude for Finances:

How do you feel about money? What do you think of when others talk about money? How important is money to you? Do you believe money is good or bad?

Often times money is a controversial topic. People with too much money are often seen as undeserving and greedy, people with not very much money are seen as lazy or uneducated. I’m here to tell you how I view money and how I believe everyone should view it.

I’ve said this in another post, but I believe everyone should strive to become a millionaire. We all have to manage our personal finances, correct? We all have to invest our money one way or another, whether it be into something that could grow our money or diminish it, right? So why not learn to become the best investor you can be? Why not learn to earn as much money as you possibly can? Does this mean we have to work like dogs and sacrifice our relationships? Absolutely not. You can double your income using the same amount of time as everyone else has. How can you do that? Doubly your value at your workplace and in the marketplace – more on that in future posts.

Your attitude on money goes back to your attitude towards development. Do you believe that you should be striving for your greatest potential in all areas of your life? Great, that includes finances. Read every book you can on investing your money, earning more money, and how money works.

Is it wrong to want to grow your money? I don’t think so. Does it not provide security for you and your family? Does money not help feed people with less or that are maybe in less fortunate situations? Does it not help in fulfilling your dreams of a life better than those before you? Does it not provide a better life for your children and your children’s children?

Money is a tool and it should be viewed as such. Have a positive attitude towards money and those that have money. This does not mean be envious of those people, but maybe those people have money because they chose to become the best they possibly could be in the marketplace and in managing their finances.

If you’re going to push your potential to the max in your life, learn everything you can on finances because the effects of this area in your life definitely spills over into the other areas.

“We choose the attitudes we have right now. And it’s a continuing choice.” – John C. Maxwell


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