Let’s Talk About: Confidence

CONFIDENCE is a massive topic. Not only could so much be said about individual confidence, but it is also massively important to an individual’s journey with personal development. So what is confidence? How I view confidence, especially the confidence I have in myself, is a feeling of certainty. I have a feeling of certainty in myself, my abilities, my skills, my soul, and just who I am as an overall human being. This is a huge part of my self-identity which in turn effects my self-talk, which then has an effect on my actions. A high amount of confidence in one’s self can be seen through a person’s actions. Some people believe that they aren’t a confident person or that they don’t have what it takes to be confident. I am here to tell you that like all other aspects of personal development, one’s confidence is one of the most simple (not always easy) aspects to change.


How do you create confidence?

I always like to say that in order to change your mindset you need to take a physical action. By taking a physical action you are making a change that is tangible and not just a decision in your head. It’s a lot easier to disregard a decision you’ve made about lifelong habits versus when you make the decision to do something that affects you tangibly. So what sort of physical action am I talking about?

It’s starts with your appearance. We aren’t all GQ models or Hollywood beauties, but every individual should do everything they can to come off as well dressed, well composed, and well groomed. Are we not more confident when we feel good about the way we look? By having confidence in the way you look it will affect your overall confidence in other areas of your life. Think back to the last time you got really dressed up – maybe you talked or acted more confidently. There is a chain effect to taking the physical action of reaching your style, grooming, and overall hygiene potential.

This can be done relatively inexpensively as well. Invest in a snazzy haircut, watch some videos on styling your hair and grooming, and learn how to dress in a way that is professional and unique to you. You only got one life, why not look your best, especially when it makes you feel more confident about yourself and who you are as an individual.


What affects one’s confidence?

There are quite a few factors that will have an effect on your confidence but here are 3 that I find the most important. Number one, the people we think will not approve of us. Whatever idea, venture, or dream you have there is always a connected group of people or individual that you believe will disapprove of what you want to do. This immediately kills your confidence in wanting to go after whatever it is that you are wanting to do. So how do we overcome this affect? Add role models to your life! Make a list of people that inspire you and can relate to the same situation you are in. If they can defy the odds, ignore the doubters, and persevere than so can you! They are no more special than you are. Do you believe it?

Number two, unhealthy eating. How does eating effect our confidence? Well excluding being overweight due to over-eating, eating unhealthy foods and drinks has an incredible effect on our mood, anxiety, and our ability to avoid being lethargic. When we eat the right foods we feel better about ourselves overall and we have in turn have a lot more confidence in ourselves. Not to mention, the small wins that we experience when we say no to something unhealthy and yes to something healthy boosts our confidence because we experience a WIN! A lot of wins gives everybody confidence.


Why should everyone be confident?

My philosophy is that everyone should be confident. There isn’t a person out there who shouldn’t be confident in who they are. We were all born uniquely made. I believe I am special because I realize that I was made special, but so was everyone else. We are all special in different ways. So do you believe that you are special? You should! Once you believe you were made special, you will become special and you will have unlimited confidence that you can learn to be anyone you want to be and do anything you want to do.

“The greatest step toward success is self-confidence.” – Jim Rohn




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