Let’s Talk About: A Realistic Side-Hustle


IF you’re at all like me you’re someone who loves to look for ways to earn extra money on top of your business and/or job. So where do a lot of us start? With a Google search that reads ‘How to make extra money?’ or “How to make money online?’ Let me tell you that I have tried many of the options that online articles offer and there has only been one way to make money fast with relatively no skill required. And no, it is not online – it will require a little bit of physical movement. Does it require a little bit of skill? Yes, it does require some know how but nothing that can’t be learned with a few YouTube videos and a few hours of experience.


So what is this side-hustle that can make anyone an easy extra grand a month? Interior painting. Now before you totally disregard the idea because it’s physical labor, allow me to share my experience. I am always on the lookout for money making opportunities. Back in August 2018 I had the idea to advertise myself on Craigslist as a trustworthy interior/exterior painter. I elaborated on my work experience, schooling experience, and made it clear I did not participate in vulgar talk, listened to inappropriate music, or did drugs. That same day my phone was ringing off the hook. I had 5 calls within my first day and another 5 the second day. I scheduled my first 3 jobs in 2 days of having my ad on craigslist. Then I had a real estate investor tell me he had five houses for me to paint and with that I took down my ad because I could not handle the incoming requests.


I should also note that the pricing I portrayed in my ad said “50-65% of the price a professional painting contractor would charge you.” I made it clear that the discount did not have anything to do with quality but rather the fact that I am a one man show, young, and willing to work longer hours than the rest. So what about my first job? The first job I scheduled was the basement of a home for some locals that were getting a divorce and were about to list their property. The basement was unfinished and was in desperate need of some color. A professional painting contractor told them he could do it for $1,200. I arranged to meet the owners at the property and threw in my bid at $500. The following Saturday I taped off the windows with masquing tape and plastic, and then all day Sunday I painted. The owners tipped me $100 so I walked away with $600 minus my $40 in materials. Not bad.


In only one weekend I made it so I was only $440 short of my goal to make an extra $1,000 in August. I already had my second job scheduled – sanding and painting a front door for a homeowner near where I live. She gave me $200 for about 10 hours of work total. Now I am only $240 short of my goal. I then painted a ceiling for another homeowner for $115. After that job I was only $125 short. I then painted a bedroom for a couple and I asked for $125 to get me to my goal. I did all of this work, hit my goal, and I still had 2 weeks left in the month to make more money on top of my secure job! In September I made over $2,000 painting and here in October I am scheduled to make over $3,000 from my efforts.


You may be thinking ‘yeah but who wants to work every weekend and every weeknight painting?’ It’s not for everyone. It’s for the people who have their sights on the future. All the money I am earning from painting is being stockpiled away and being setup for investments. If you have debt you need to payoff I truly believe this is the quickest way to pay it down. Take all the money you earn from painting and pay off that card that has been killing you with interest. Need an emergency fund? Do this for a month and you’ll have the $1,000 every person needs to have set aside in the bank no matter what.


Quit playing around with surveys online or trying to write a kindle book to make money fast. I am not saying those things don’t work, but if you need money now or want to invest in your future at a more rapid rate, consider my realistic side-hustle that can be done by anyone in their town.

Hustling is putting every minute and all your effort into achieving the goal at hand.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

Sude Hustle

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