Let’s Talk About: Kindness

NONE of this matters if we aren’t kind to the people we come across in our life. This includes every stranger, every family member, and even ourselves.


It is hard to be kind in every situation, but this is also why patience is so important. We must use the patience that we’ve been developing to assist in practicing kindness in all areas of our life.


In my opinion, there is never a reason to be unkind to anyone. Even if someone is persecuting you for any reason, kindness towards that person remains more effective than any other response.


This brings to mind the famous quote of Martin Luther King Jr., “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”


In every situation, we get to choose how we respond. I urge all my readers — please, respond with kindness! And do it without expecting anything in return!


You will not believe how this will change the perception people have about you. People will want to work with you, support you in your endeavors, and be your friend. Who doesn’t want more people to be their friend! 🙂


For me, this is a bit easier to practice because of how I was brought up. I’ve been raised with faith in Jesus Christ and what he’s done for us on the cross. I know that many people don’t always care to read about others’ belief in God and his son Jesus, but it’s the Bible that is the source for a lot of the knowledge I hold.


A Believer or not, the Bible teaches forgiveness and grace – what better way to describe kindness. If someone is cruel to you or treats you poorly, respond with forgiveness and grace and choose KINDNESS! Christ is a perfect example.




It could transform someone’s life! Look, I know that personal development is technically a selfish subject, but the majority of people looking to better themselves personally have an idea of effecting the lives of those around them by first starting with themselves!

Kindness can melt a heart of stone! Be kind to everyone you come across because someday you’ll come across someone at their breaking point and you could save them from despair.

It could save your personal relationships. Being kind means being forgiving and gentle. Some people mistake this for weakness, but I see it as courage and strength. Nothing can save a marriage quite like kindness.

No matter how hurt you are by your significant other, forgive and forgive. Be kind and gentle – ESPECIALLY if you are the male in the relationship. Your significant other will reciprocate. It may not happen right away but don’t give up on it.

Your work relationships will thrive. The people you work with will view you as a resource for support. They will want to reciprocate your kindness with trust and support. And if you are a leader, your followers will be more open with you. Practice kindness daily and watch your work life transform.  Make it a habit!

There are many other reasons, but for the sake of the length of this post I will keep it to the three above. These three are more than enough to motivate someone to appreciate and practice kindness in their life.




Goal Setting – Setting goals for being kind is not as arbitrary of a thing as one might think. Each day set a goal to thank the people around you for their support. Text your parents and thank them for all that they do. Reach out to an old friend and let them know you are thinking about them. Goals like these will eventually turn into habits that you will instinctively begin to do after practicing them for an extended period.

Establish Your Why – Write out why you are you are wanting to make kindness a habit in your life. Pull from this blog post if you want to! Writing out you ‘Why’ for this endeavor will serve as a constant reminder as to why you should be persevering in establishing this habit.

Smile More – This is an easy one! You know when you make eye contact with someone as you’re walking past them? Or when you look over at a stoplight and the person there is looking back at you? Instead of just breaking that eye contact right away why don’t you just give them a quick smile! This will have a massive effect on your mood and the person you are smiling at. THIS IS KINDNESS.

Always Say Thank You – Don’t just say ‘thanks’ then next time you get your coffee from the barista. Look them in the eye and say “thank you, I appreciate your help.” This sort of kindness goes a long way. It will improve your mood and the mood of those on the receiving end. Let people know that you really do appreciate their help.

Do Everything With a Purpose – Make it a habit to do everything in your life with meaning. Don’t ever passively answer in response to someone. Just like with saying thank you to those around you, take the time to give a thoughtful response to people. They are important and special individuals just like you! They deserve your attention. Help them passionately, serve them persistently, and help without expecting anything in return.


I hope that this blog post has been enlightening to my readers. Please share your experiences with being kind to others or being on the receiving end of kindness in the comments below.


Thank you all for reading. I appreciate your time.


What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?”  – Jean-Jacques Rousseau




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